From Concept to Operational Enterprise AI, in Hours!

Transform complex data into multi-faceted embeddings for enterprise AI, bypassing intricate feature engineering.
And anything you imagine...

1. Bring in Your Private Data

Unwavering Security and Privacy
Security and privacy are ingrained in every aspect of Corvic, ensuring your data is fortified with top-tier measures and SOC2 compliance.
Unified Data Lake
Effortlessly import and connect data from diverse sources, both multi-modal and multi-structural, for a holistic understanding.

2.Generate Insightful Embeddings Quickly

Novel Graph AI Insights
Generate high-dimensional graph features and embeddings from tabular, spatial, time-series, unstructured and relational data.
Reasoning From First Principles
Receive step-by-step justifications and explanations as you extract new insights and develop your models.

3.Power Reliable Enterprise AI with Seamless Integrations

Predictive ML/AI Pipelines
Augment enterprise AI pipelines for precise predictions, achieving richer and more robust embeddings for reliable solutions. Deploy end-to-end custom AI pipelines within hours.
Private Generative AI Agents
Create custom, business-specific agents powered by your custom embeddings on your private data that goes beyond semantic search to predict trends and outcomes.

Built for the Enterprise

Fully Managed

Launch, use, and scale without the burden of infrastructure maintenance for embedding generation, monitoring, and serving.

Designed for Data Professionals

Navigate, tailor, and refine your data science journey with a transparent platform offering explanations and justifications for novel insights and embedding development.

Scalable and Reliable

Seamlessly scale with your needs, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of your embedding workflows.

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